Sunday, April 18, 2010

Darkness and Light

bright sunlight ~ dim shadows
blue skies ~ looming mountain
warmth on back ~ chill on wind
birds chirp ~ unidentified sound
stroll through the woods ~ arduous climb
pale green leaf ~ dead tree trunk
peace beckons ~ danger screams
vivid yellow stripe ~ black velvet wing
delicate purple flower ~ jagged rock
crystal waters ~ tangled root
sunlit path ~ slip produce death
yellow bud ~ steep cliff
serenity solitude ~ farther farther
trickle of stream ~ miles onto mountain
scattered gray pebble ~ clutch of outstretched limb
brilliance of nature ~ darkness of cove
Truly Alone

Enchanted by Nature's Spell

Seduced by the beauty, moved by the sublime, forever altered by the ethereal world she inhabits, enchanted by nature's spell.  She dre...