Saturday, April 3, 2010

Eden's Touch

Upon entering Eden, she's greeted with a calming presence. Moving down the pathway, the whirlpools of jade beckon to her. She stops, transfixed by the swirling waters. It is a reminder of how her spirit has been tossed. Unlike her spirit, this has a soothing effect.
Moving on, she searches for a seat. She finds the perfect rock over the water. Stepping carefully between boulders, she reaches it and sits. Bare feet dip into icy water. Her breath is taken by it. Sitting still, the cool breeze caresses her cheek. She enjoys it's touch... the touch within her spirit. Slowly, peace floods her soul.
Her eyes search the pathway of the flow. She watches it make it's way between the stones blocking it's path. Nothing will stop it from making it's endless journey. Chills ripple through her body as skin, once again, skims the surface of the water below. Exotic spills rush by taking away the cares. She's needed this so.
Surrounded by mountains on all sides, she relishes their embrace. The solitude is a safe place, a healing refuge. Skin begins to warm as sunlight makes it's way through the trees to light the dim of the cove. Sounds of the cascades nearby, the roar fills the small space.
As if by magic, she's forgotten recent troubles. As the rush of the water below washes the rocks, so does the touch of Eden cleanse her soul. Serene now, she closes her eyes. She knows she will be okay, for she is not alone.

Enchanted by Nature's Spell

Seduced by the beauty, moved by the sublime, forever altered by the ethereal world she inhabits, enchanted by nature's spell.  She dre...