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Enchanted by Nature's Spell

Seduced by the beauty, moved by the sublime, forever altered by the ethereal world she inhabits, enchanted by nature's spell. 

She dreamt of nature, of foreign lands. Of moonlit nights on desert sands. Once upon a time, she was a different person who lived a very different life. There was never a thought given to spending time in nature. One step onto a mountain pathway and her life was forever changed, but nothing prepared her for the first trek into the mountains alone.

When on a trail, there was a presence outside of herself  that she couldn't explain. A spirit, a hush, but vibrant in it's silence.  When she was there, she became one with this spirit, the spirit of nature.. Alone, yet not alone. Listening to the whispers of the Smokies. 

On a trail alone, far from civilization, this merging with nature began to heal her soul. In this world, the pain and disappointment from hardships she faced ceased. Pain became innocence. Disappointment became wisdom. With each return to …