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She Wrote of Seasons

Setting foot onto the path, I can see change in the land. Much time has passed, since I was last here. As seasons of life bring change, the season of winter has changed this mountain trail.  Turning my head, side to side, I take in the differences in the land. The view from the trail has been altered by many felled trees. A familiar landscape, yet unfamiliar. I sense movement in this foreign landscape. Searching for the source, I see my shadow making it's way through the forest beside me. Farther down the trail, I see the streams, that cross the path. There has, always, been joy in the challenge of making my way across them. With time, the path across the creeks may change. Rocks and logs may shift;but, always, there's a way. I notice a new stream, a new pathway carved across the trail by winter. I reach for a broken branch lying by the trail and easily make my way across rocks, using the branch, as support. I continue on to streams I've crossed many times, before. As I appro…