The Secret Garden Revisited

I choose the Secret Garden. A place with such meaning, a sacred place, a healing place. A place visited by my shadow and I.

Reserved in my heart for special times such as these, I haven't visited since winter. Now, wild and untamed, the undergrowth crowds close to the trail. I may pass a bear within inches, yet never know.

I make my way to the stream, the same stream that my shadow held my hand as I crossed. The water is so low this time, I am able to make it across easily, stone by stone. No need for my shadow's guidance this time.

The trail has become little more than a footpath. The contrast of the red leaf upon gray trees... now gone. The labyrinth of limbs has become one of jade. I make my way through this labyrinth and down the steep path, where my shadow and I had moved carefully.

I reach the place, where the creek I'm walking beside splits, rushing down either side of me. I find the rock and take a seat. As the water spills by, I study the currents. These waters still hold the same mystery.

I am spellbound by the spirit of this place. This fork in the stream, this rock I on which I sit, even the tree at water's edge holds meaning. The solace from times gone by washes over me as water does over the stones nearby.

I am flooded with memories, while living in this moment. Pleasure fills my thoughts, surety fills my mind, sacred times flood my heart.

I lose myself in my surroundings. I am alone in this beautiful land, yet I am not alone. For my shadow, once again, is with me.

Rising to leave, my heart is full. My shadow and I .. no longer closer than ever before because now... We are one.

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